About Us

My name is Arian Perez, Owner and Founder of CTC Fintech LLC.  I have been in the business since 1999 and have experience as an originator, processor, underwriter, operations manager, and sales manager. I have owned my own companies and have worked with major lenders and banks along the way.

About Our Company

CTC Fintech was created under the premise to solve part of the bottleneck in the mortgage process. I found many inefficiencies and along with others have developed proprietary technologies to solve these problems. Not only are we leveraging our own creations, we leverage others, all with the goal to provide a white glove experience for our clients. You may notice that most technology today is being built to take the human out of the loop, while for us, human interaction is vital. 


We as a company can only be profitable if we operate with integrity, dignity for all our clients, and efficiency. We want our clients to see us as a resource of knowledge and expertise to be a true strategic partner for their short and long term goals. 


Even though we are in business, our clients are friends and family. Mass marketing, memes, and alike are not our style. We want our niche to be savvy homeowners who like to plan around an overall bigger picture, to create wealth or savings


Integrity- Always keep our word

Efficiency- working as smart as we can

Product knowledge- There should always be options

dignity- We treat each client as they are our most important

Empathy- Humility and flexibility to serve any situation

Honesty- its the only option

Punctuality- We dont make excuses on time

Courtesy- Pleasant transactions are the most profitable

Be in the Know

We won’t inundate you with emails, instead we send you periodic market moving data.